Myrhh Essential Oil 10ml

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Myrhh Essential Oil 10ml. Commiphora myrrha.

100% pure distilled essential oil from pure natural, renewable sources / materials. Distilled without the addition of harmful chemicals. Selected by experts. Not tested on animals.


North east Africa and south west Asia




Rich, spicy, warm balsamic odour that is a dark brown oily liquid.

Part of plant used:   

The crude oleoresin


Myrrh is derived from Commiphora shrubs which grow up to 10 metres high. The trunk produces a natural oleoresin which is a pale yellow liquid that hardens into reddish brown tears known as myrrh.

Method of extraction:

Steam distillation.

Blends well with

Frankincense, lavender, palmarosa, pathcouli, rose, rosewood, sandalwood, tea tree, thyme.



Myrrh prevents infection, clears toxins and promotes tissue repair. Stimulates the stomach with its warming properties and is useful for treating diarrhoea, flatulence and poor appetite. Myrrh also stimulates the uterine and promotes menstruation thus relieving painful periods. Often used during prolonged, difficult childbirth labour. Traditionally used to aid coughs, bronchitis and colds.

Mind and spirit
Myrrh is believed to enhance spirituality. Traditionally used as an incense fragrance along with frankincense.

Skin & hair
Used in skin creams for deep cracks on the heels and hands. Excellent aid for wounds that are slow to heal, weepy eczema and athlete's foot.

Non-sensitising, non-irritant, possibly toxic in high concentrations. As Myrrh is a uterine stimulant it must not be used in pregnancy.

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