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Amazing jewellery made from Moldavite

26/05/2019 1 Comment
We are very proud to present to you some of the beautiful jewellery that Sarah Zannotti creates from...

All about our Genuine Moldavite!

13/04/2019 0 Comment
We often get people asking questions about our Moldavite so we have written this blog to try to answer some of the common questions that we get about it.I will try to accurately recite to you the ama...

Benefiting from Crystal Healing in the Modern World

06/04/2019 0 Comment
Crystals are a mesmerizing creation which are used in a variety of industries and they have unlimited uses. From being an important part of solar cell...

How to Runecast

02/04/2019 0 Comment
How to Read with my Runesby Elaine Browne (Reiki Level II)Rune stones date back many centuries as atool used for divination. Each carries a symbolic inscriptio...

Crystals A-Z guide

02/04/2019 0 Comment
Here is our Crystals A-Z guide on the healing aspects of a variety of crystals written especially for us by Emily Browne. We hope to add more as time goes on...Aegirine ...

Crystal Information Guide

02/04/2019 0 Comment
The following sections: 'What are crystals?', 'Cleansing crystals', 'Programming crystals', 'Crystal Beauty', 'Crystals and the Chakras', and 'What is magic?', were kindly writ...