How to Runecast

How to Runecast

How to Read with my Runes

by Elaine Browne (Reiki Level II)

Rune stones date back many centuries as atool used for divination. Each carries a symbolic inscription which is subject to interpretation, categorised within the same family as pendulums and tarot cards

Prior to any use of stones:

Take time to clear your mind and focus on what it is you seek answers to, taking the bag filled with stones in your receptive/dominant hand, mentally or vocally call upon your divinity of choice; angels/spiritguides etc and invite only those from the highest vibrations and from the whitelight of the holy spirit to make contact and work for your greater good,clearly state that no other realms are welcome.

It is important to cleanse all stones both before and after any use in order for them to work for you. This can be donevia smudging or rinsing under flowing water.

Think carefully about how to word yourquestions to the runes, for e.g. open questions allow much more scope for explanations unless it is a yes or no only reading.

Basic Readings

One rune draw:

Ideal for use on a daily basis as a guide towards your day- suggested questions may be what do I need to know  to make my day a success/ i.e. should Anzus bedrawn it may well imply that communication will prove to be of importance that day and be sure to listen well.

Three rune reading:

Pose the desired question and extract threerune stones (one at a time) from the bag. Interpretation is as follows; thefirst stone will hold an understanding of the question which has been asked (an overview) .The second stone relates to ‘action’ interpreting your opinions and what you may now wish to do next. The third should be fairly self explanatory and viewed as an outcome.

Four stone reading:

After stating your question, remove fourstones (one at a time) from the bag and lay them out from left to right. The first stone represents influences of the past, the second is current, the thirdone potential influences in the future and the fourth is representative of general energies and lessons to be learnt if behaviours are left unchanged.

Blank Runes:

If a blank rune is drawn at any time it canimply that the question is either not yet fully able or ready to be answered,or that it may be better that you don’ t know the answer. A repeat of the questionmay be asked, however should it still drawing as blank after a ‘third’ time,then this would strongly suggest that you are simply not meant to know the answer.

Post reading:

Be sure to acknowledge and thank both thestones and your called upon divinity to ensure future guidance.

If you are someone who likes to reflect back, then it may be a good idea to create a log of the day/ time/ date/ place/purpose of reading.

Happy Reading

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