Our pocket-sized small angels are approximately 3cm in length. Ornamental Buddha Stautues made from various types of stone. Perfect for meditation and higher purposes they illustrate the illumination, tranquillity and happiness to be gained from simply being at one with the world.

We present to you the all-singing all-dancing Crystal Collection Range! These stones often have a Pack Letter associated with them which is their grading. Generally speaking, the later the letter in the pack then the better quality and/or size, and more valuable the crystal will be. I.e. Pack 'D' is better quality/size than Pack 'A'. Please note that there is usually only one crystal per pack.

Thumbstones with a groove just for your thumb! Chose from our wide selection of crystal based earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Dress to impress! Palmstones to hold in you hand.

Pendulums bring to light both positive and negative intensions and enhance your clarity on subject matters close to your heart. A pendulum will act as a powerful guide to those seeking a positive direction for the next steps in life's choices. Click on Crystals at the top menu and all will be revealed!

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