Privacy Policy, Cookies and Information Security

Please read 'we', 'us' or 'our' to mean 'Completely Crystals®' throughout this document and 'you', 'yours' or 'their' refers to you yourself as the customer.

Please note: We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Data Transfer / Security

1. Any sensitive data transferred between our customers and ourselves uses encrypted 256-bit SSL technology. Therefore, you can always be sure of the best security with us online.

1.1 A secure link is established when users login to their user account.

1.2 Your web-browser will display the padlock symbol when your connection is secure.

1.3 You should always have a secure connection when going through the checkout as either a guest or a member.

1.4 Our company's online secure payments structure has passed the relevant industry standard PCI DSS compliance testing in accordance with the Official PCI Security Standards Council.


2. Online payments are made  through the Paypal™ or Worldpay™  secure-payment systems.

2.1 Once you have made your orders and been through our checkout system you can choose to be redirected to an official Paypal/Worldpay site where they will process the payment for us.

2.2 If you do not have a Paypal/Worldpay account then payments can also be made to us by using a credit or debit card via the Worldpay payment gateway. There is also an option to do this via Paypal.

2.3 We are soon introducing a system to take your card details on our site (in conjunction with Worldpay) so that you do not have to redirect to a payment gateway. We will not be storing any of your card details on our site. Any data transferred is securely encrypted.


3. Names and address are stored in a secure password protected server when you create an account with us. When sending and receiving your information it is always encrypted using SSL technology.

3.1 Accounts can be created or deleted at anytime should you so wish to do so.

3.2 There is no charge for creating an account with us.

3.3 You must have an account in order to receive and use Reward Points for money off your next purchase and also to take advantage of exclusive coupon codes. Your can also track your order history, initiate returns and keep a wish list with an account.

3.4 Should you wish to cancel/close your account, please contact us and we can do this for you.

Data Protection

4. Any data that is kept by us is subject to the relevant Data Protection Act laws.

4.1 None of your details will ever be passed on or revealed to a third party for marketing purposes by us.

4.2 We make every effort to make sure that your information is kept securely.

4.3 A few of your details (ie. name, email address and order reference number) may be passed to an independent review company when you make a purchase. This is so that we can get feedback on how we are doing.

Active Data Analysis and Monitoring

5. We actively monitor customer usage statistics of our website usage for our own statistical purposes by using Google Analytics.

5.1 Google Analytics does not provide us with any information which could personally identify any particular user of our site to us.

Cookie Policy

6. Our website uses cookies to track user information.

6.1 Tracking data is used for simple basic functionality of the site; for example:- in order to help a member to log into their account ( cookies) and for tracking visitor statistics ( cookies).

6.2 We may track visitor statistics using Google Analytics for remarketing purposes (shown as on your cookie list).

6.3 Tracking can be disabled with Ads preference manager from Google or with the  Opt-out tool also from Google. This data will be used for display advertising purposes.

6.4 Use of this site shows your consent to our cookie policy.

Our Company Information Security Policy


The Company handles sensitive cardholder information daily. Sensitive Information must have adequate safeguards in place to protect the cardholder data, cardholder privacy, and to ensure compliance with various regulations, along with guarding the future of the organisation.

The Company commits to respecting the privacy of all its customers and to protecting any customer data from outside parties. To this end management are committed to maintaining a secure environment in which to process cardholder information so that we can meet these promises.

Employees handling sensitive cardholder data should ensure:


  • Handle Company and cardholder information in a manner that fits with their sensitivity and classification;
  • Limit personal use of the Company information and telecommunication systems and ensure it doesn’t interfere with your job performance;
  • The Company reserves the right to monitor, access, review, audit, copy, store, or delete any electronic communications, equipment, systems and network traffic for any purpose;
  • Do not use e-mail, internet and other Company resources to engage in any action that is offensive, threatening, discriminatory, defamatory, slanderous, pornographic, obscene, harassing or illegal;
  • Do not disclose personnel information unless authorised;
  • Protect sensitive cardholder information;
  • Keep passwords and accounts secure;
  • Request approval from management prior to establishing any new software or hardware, third party connections, etc.;
  • Do not install unauthorised software or hardware, including modems and wireless access unless you have explicit management approval;
  • Always leave desks clear of sensitive cardholder data and lock computer screens when unattended;
  • Information security incidents must be reported, without delay, to the individual responsible for incident response locally – Please find out who this is.

We each have a responsibility for ensuring our company’s systems and data are protected from unauthorised access and improper use. If you are unclear about any of the policies detailed herein you should seek advice and guidance from your line manager.


Pay via Worldpay with Credit/Debit Card - Visa/ Amex/ Mastercard.
Please note we only accept payment in GBP for payments made using Worldpay.

Checkout and account secured using

encrypted 256-bit SSL technology.

Pay easily using your PayPal account.

Completely Crystals Limited is registered as a Private Limited Company (No. 08996244) in England and Wales.

2 Hermitage Road, Poole, Dorset, England, BH14 0QQ, UK.

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